Njuu Round accepts items for sale from private persons – used clothing, accessories and shoes, that correspond to the ongoing season and fit to the concept of Njuu Round.

We take in outerwear, dresses, sweaters, blouses, shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, shoes and accessories such as handbags, belts, jewelry etc. We mix brands with gold grains from the chains. Submit goods that you would like to buy yourself, i.e. what is still modern and in good condition.

NB! We only sell women’s products, excluding sportswear, underwear and wedding dresses.

Products can be brought for sale with pre-registration every Wednesday. Please make pre-registration via email to mari@njuuround.ee. NB! Please bring up to 5 items at a time!

Accepted goods are available for sale in the store for 30 days, after which we ask you to pick them up within the next five working days either on Monday or Tuesday.

We accept goods from persons aged 18 and over.


We sell products on a commission basis, which means that you as a customer are paid for the sold goods after the fact and you own 50% of the selling price of the product.

The goods accepted by Njuu Round are registered in a written document, evaluated according to their condition and put up for sale. The price is determined in the store by agreement between the store representative and the seller. In order to make it easier to find the products in the sales hall when picking up the goods, we recommend taking photos of the items for sale in advance.

In order to simplify and speed up the process, we recommend that you have your price requests ready before coming to the store, so that both parties are happy.

After the sale period ends, the days for picking up the goods are Mondays and Tuesdays. The payment for the sold products is transferred to the bank account within 3 working days after picking up the goods.

The right of exchange or return does not apply to the sold products.


The products must correspond to the ongoing season and be whole, clean, stain-free, and odorless. 

We ask you kindly to wash (or clean) the items and empty the pockets of the clothes before bringing them to the store. Shoes should be cleaned both on top and on bottom.


For high-value items like designer bags and shoes, it’s a good idea to keep the receipt to prove the item’s authenticity. 

If available, please also bring the original dust bags and packaging.